Sunday, January 23, 2022


Hi All,

I've just finish making another Raven Witch for a commission. This was a fun doll to make, and I enjoyed making it again. This time, I took some work-in-progress photos.

The fabric of the dress was cut from a wall hanging made in India. It's a patchwork of metallic embroidered pieces of sari fabric. After the piece was made, it was over-dyed with black dye. This effect toned down all the bright colors, making it have an overall bronze color. 

The Raven Witch is a stump doll, about 20 inches tall. Her lower body is the same shape as the skirt. The doll is mounted on a wood plaque (bought at the craft store). After all the body parts are made, I pinned her together to have an idea of her finished look.

The underskirt is made from a black satin fabric that has black satin ribbons stitched on it in a wave pattern (found this in a fabric store 10 years ago!). 

The skirt is square/diamond shape to match the basic rectangle patches of the collaged wall hanging. I embellished the skirt with some copper & black beads and vintage glass "nail head" gems. Then, I glued black iridescent coque feathers (rooster tail feathers) along the underside of the skirt hem. 

The skirt and top stitched to the body.

I made the hands to look like Raven claws. I made 3 fingers and a thumb, as that's what a bird has. To make the talon nails, I dripped hot-glue on the tip of the finger (shaping the glue with WET fingers while it was still hot). 

The head is made of fabric that I needle-sculpted with thread, then painted with acrylics, chalk, and colored pencils. I glued & stitched a chicken skull to the forehead.

The winged headdress is made of thin cardboard, covered in the same Indian fabric. More coque feathers glued on, for the wing feathers. To finish the back of the headdress, I cut another headdress of cardboard with black fabric glued to it. The fabric covered cardboard was glued to the back of the headdress.

All finished, with some more feathers decorating the neck & shoulders, and more bronze and black beads strung to make multiple swags! (I love the look of beaded swags)

Have fun! -AB