Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Hi All,

I've just finished 3 witch busts. These are cloth busts on short candlesticks. The taller ones are 18 inches to the top of their hats, and the smaller on is 16 inches.

These 3 witches remind me of the "Madwomen of Chaillot". These are 3 best friends who are more comfortable living in a bygone era. There clothes are old-fashioned, they wear a lot of jewelry, and put on too much make-up. They are all a bit batty, and out of touch with reality.

This is Calliope. She is the "sweet one". She is nice - to a fault. She's also a bit gullible, and not too bright.

 Genevieve is the "wise one". She is smart and truthful, but with a great deal of compassion.

Ambrosia is the "cynical one". She is quick to criticize, and the first to point out your faults. But underneath her gruff exterior, she loves her friends dearly.

I really enjoyed making their hats. I added a lot of feathers, bows, lace, jewelry, and even made some hat pins.

I hope you are all having a wonderful spring. Please get vaccinated, so we can all get back to normal!

Have fun, -AB


manos maravillosas said...

I belonged to the Cloth Doll Guild here in San Diego. I loved your work as well as that of many other great doll makers for years and love your work. I just discovered your blog and from now on I will continue to visit. Thank you sharing your talent.

Mary Ann Tate said...

As always your work is amazing. I just love the different faces with so much character. AND the hats!!!Love them.

Arley said...

Aw, thanks Manos and Mary Ann. I'm delighted you found me, and that you like my work. Thanks for reading! AB

Maria Roxborough said...

Wonderful and full of whimsy as always. Five of us madeBaba Yaga using your pattern and we had a ball. Thanks for your sharing spirit and wonderful patterns.

Arley said...

Thanks Maria. I'm glad you and your friends enjoyed making my pattern! Great to hear things like that. I loved the pictured you shared on FB. AB

Mark said...

Hi Arley — Amazing job as always!! Just perfect!

Arley said...

Thanks Mark!-- I appreciate it.