Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Hi All,

I made some more Bird Skull ladies. I call them "Beautiful Creatures".

I made some like this a few years ago. I think I called them "Elegant Beasts", but I never liked that name. I think "Creatures" describes them better than "Beasts".'

Anyway, these dolls are inspired by the work of artist Adnan Karabay, who made figures from animal skulls, plus paws or claws on clay human bodies and dressed in wonderful vintage fabrics, lace and beads. Adnan died in 1998.

Originally, I used real bird (mostly pigeon and chicken) skulls. But, the process of turning a delicate bird skull into a head strong enough to be attached to a cloth body meant hours of inserting air drying clay into hollow areas, different glues, and layers of tissue paper over the finished skull made it almost unrecognizable as a REAL bird skull. Plus, I liked inserting animal eyes and adding human eyelids for an added effect. So, I decided to make a mold of a bird skull with all that work already done. I cast the skulls out of air drying paper clay. 

I connect the head to a neck made of wire and 2-part Apoxie Sculpt for strength. I add more paper clay to the neck to blend into the cloth torso.

This time, I created "gothic" looking dresses, using a lot of black as accents. 

The headdress are all made of heavy Venice lace, beaded and backed with fabric.

These 3 will go to Roger's Garden to sell at their Halloween Event in Sept.

Have fun, and keep wearing your mask -- it's almost OVER! Get vaccinated!



Zia Joey said...

I always say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Your Elegant Creatures are growing on me. The costuming is esquisite.

Arley said...

Thanks Maria! These dolls are for a Halloween show called "Cabinet of Curiosities". There will be lots of skulls and skeletons of animals and birds there. They are designed for a "particular client".