Saturday, March 20, 2021


 Hi All,

Last year I made a "Witch's Apothecary" doll for Roger's Garden's Halloween event. This Sept, the theme is "Cabinet of Curiosities", so I used the same doll to create a "Witch's Curiosity Cabinet".

This is my "Witches Apothecary" from last year:

I used the same pattern for the doll, and the same unfinished small "boat shelf" I bought from "Hobby Lobby" craft store. Here is a WIP photo, with the empty shelves:

This time, I made the witch a light skin tone (instead of the green skin I did before). And, I did her outfit in shades of red and black.

The challenge was to find miniature "curiosities" to put on the 3 shelves. The space between the shelves is 3" to 5", so I really had to search for things small enough. I bought some animal skulls on-line. I found some "miniature human organs" in the toy aisle of "Michaels Arts and Crafts". Plus I had a few things I had acquired over the years.

I had to do some research to find out exactly what was in a "Curiosity Cabinet". It seems that it's mostly things you'd see in a natural history museum. Lots of "nature stuff" -- especially unusual or weird items.

On the tope shelf, I have a gofer skull and a jar of bird eggs (plastic eggs from the craft store). In the center there's a big spider (metal pin), a bat (brass charm), and a green beetle set in resin (on-line). And, a plastic brain in a jar (from toy miniature human organ set) and a jar of plastic skull beads in green liquid soap.

On the middle shelf there's a plastic frog in a jar, with another skull bead in a jar of liquid soap. A real, tiny, mouse skull. In the middle there's a butterfly behind a plastic heart (part of the toy organs set), and an eyeball (a charm) in a glass jar. Another rodent skull (squirrel, I think?), a small starfish, and a jar of plastic bones (Tim Holtz).

The bottom shelf has a planter of tentacles (I made from chopping off the tentacles of a plastic octopus), a ceramic skeleton bead in a jar, a horned-toad lizard skull, a resin monster hand (Tim Holtz), a ceramic gremlin bead in a jar, and a very old monster head in a jar.

Have fun! -AB