Friday, March 13, 2020


Hi All,
In my mixed media/art club, we had a "Black & White" challenge. (This club is for all type of art -- not just dolls.)

I had lots of ideas for a black and white theme, but I kept coming back to "zebra". To me, a ZEBRA print is the epitome of glamour, high camp, and a bold statement. I mean, when you wear zebra, everyone is looking at YOU!

This style of coat is called a "Cocoon" Coat, and is from one of my favorite periods - the "Teens". 1910 to 1918 is the period "My Fair Lady" is done in. Also - "Downton Abby" and "Titanic".

I made a simple stump doll and dressed her in the coat and hat. This is what a lady might wear when going to a fancy ball or the opera -- anywhere she could make a dramatic entrance! She would then drop her coat and continue to walk up (or down) a grand staircase to the evening's event. (Perhaps she might drag her coat behind her while walking very slowly.)

This doll is about 22 inches tall, so I was lucky to find a zebra print in this scale (it also has a small nap to it).

Hats of that period were either very tall, or very wide.

I added the red jewel just to throw off the color scheme a bit.
Enjoy! -AB


Northbrook Designs said...

I'm just finishing a textile art piece that's black and white also. I used a hounds tooth print and was really lucky to find the right scale for it. I also included some red features... We must be in same wave length...lol Love the doll Arley, the print is fabulous and you gave her that gorgeous face we've all come to know and love. Challenges are great, it helps keep those little grey cells happy.

Arley said...

Thanks Romona! Yes, I love to do challenges. It's like "creative problem solving" for me.