Thursday, October 10, 2019


Hi All
Halloween is fast approaching! Are you ready? I just finished 2 more Zombie dolls, made from thrift store porcelain dolls.

This little lovely was at the Goodwill store with a price of about $6. I notice it had a small crack on the back of the neck, but that didn't matter to me. When I took it up to the register to pay, the manager looked at the crack and said she couldn't charge me the full price and said I could have it for 50 cents! What a deal!

When I got it home and pulled off  her wig, I saw the crack extended to the side of the head and around the ear, and was splintered into several pieces. -- No problem! I'll just glue it back together. These dolls have a hole in the top of their heads to glue the eyes in, so I could get into the inside of the head, no problem. 

I pulled the pieces apart and laid them out on the table. I used super glue and started gluing each piece and putting them back in place. But, the pieces didn't want to stay in place long enough for the glue to dry. So, I tried taping the pieces in place to hold them, but that didn't work. Next, I used hot glue inside the head to support the cracks while the glue dried. But, the hole at the top of the head wasn't big enough to get the glue gun inside the head!

My solution: Use the hot glue on the outside of the head. And, now I had a new texture for my doll, and was able to glue the cracked pieces back together again!

I continued to drizzled the hot glue all over the head, hands, and feet. I liked the effect so much, I decided I didn't want her to have a wig, so I put the little styofoam form that was covering the hole at the top of the head back on and cover it with more hot glue. (I had to add a little wall patch to even out the gap). I even added some blobs of glue here and there -- sort of like sores.

I sprayed a few coats gray primer over all the pieces (hot glue is very hard to cover with acrylic paint). I taped over the eyes with masking tape.

Then I started rubbing white, yellow, and green acrylics over the top edges to highlight the texture. I also added a touch of red and orange here and there.

To make her look even more creepy, I painted out her eyes with white acrylic.

I cut up her dress, leaving all the edges raw, and dyed it red. Her dress was mostly cotton, so it took the dye pretty well, and the process roughed up the edges, so I didn't have to do much else to it. 

And, just for a touch of sweetness, I glued a bow to her head.

This is another Zombie I made real quickly. She was a bride.

 I didn't want to spend a lot of time on her. so I just painted her green and shaded around her eyes. 

I dyed her dress black, but because it was 100% polyester, it came out a pale gray color. So, I dripped fabric ink all over ("Dye-n-flo" by Jaquard) in black, blue, and purple and spritzed it with water. I distressed her wig and glued it back on.

 Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 3, 2019


Hi All,
Here's the last doll I made for Roger's Gardens Halloween event, titled "Malice in Wonderland". (See their site HERE.)

The "ALICE" doll was pretty straight forward, as everyone knows what Alice is supposed to look like. I didn't want to stray too far from the original concept.

To fit with the theme, I did make Alice a bit more creepy than what people expect. I gave her dark eyes with a blank expression -- like she is in a daze. All of her trim is black, to keep the "dark" theme.

The "Alice in Wonderland" story has lots of props to go with each of the characters, and I tried to include as many as I could. So, I gave Alice the little magic potion bottle that shrinks her. And the key to the little door hangs around her neck. And, I gave her a toy rabbit to hold. I had to "break down" and distress the stuffed rabbit to make it look old and worn (I even removed one of it's button eyes).

I "dirty-ed" her white apron a bit with some beige stamping ink, and frayed the edges here and there.

I didn't take many WIP photos, as she was made just like the other two characters. Her hair is an acrylic wig I bought from a doll store.

Here are all three -- Alice, the Hatter, and the Red Queen:

Have fun!