Friday, July 5, 2019

Been Busy

Hi All,
Sorry about not posting last month, but I've been busy! I just got back from Santa Fe, where I have been working in the millinery (hats) department for the S.F Opera. (Photos of the hats are at the end of the post.)

Also, I have been gearing up for the Halloween season at Roger's Garden:

I'm still putting together some glamourous ghosts. I have all the components and am working on putting them together.

And, I finished a funny little witch. Don't know what her name will be, but she looks like a "Gladys" to me. (Don't know why.) But, I want to try to come up with a more "witchy" name for her.

Here are some of the lovely bonnets I worked on  for the opera, "La Boheme", which is playing now in Santa Fe. (These are just a few of the 98 hats needed for this opera!)
This opera was designed by Camellia Koo.