Monday, August 6, 2018


Hi All,
As promised, here are some more of the dolls I'm showing at Roger's Garden Halloween show opening Aug. 31. (Roger's Halloween show here.) They don't have the 2018 show on their website as of this writing, but it should be up by Sept. Make sure to check it out.

Here is "Lady Agatha Verdigris": (green is her favorite color)

She is about 20" tall and is a stump doll.

She's a very old teacher at Hogwarts School of Wizardry.
Amidst the feathers and bows in her hat, she wears a cameo on her hat of a beautiful green skeleton witch.

This is her sister, "Lady Salome Aubergine": (she favors shades of purple)
She loves her bejeweled spider in her hat.

No one knows which witch is the eldest, as both claim they are the youngest of the two!

Since both their husbands (the "Lord High Wizards") have passed, neither sister does much teaching at Hogwarts anymore, but both can be found in the tea room, reminiscing about their "glory days" as head teachers and witches.

Both costumes sport antique Victorian jet beaded appliques among the many embellishments.

And, here is a cloth witch bust. Her name is "Andromeda Heliotrope":

She is 17" tall to the top of her hat.

So, that's all for Roger's Garden Halloween show. I hope some of you living in Southern California get a chance to see the show in person!

Okay, now I have to work on some dolls for the Houston Quilt show.

Have fun!