Thursday, April 26, 2018


Hi all,
I just finished my "FOLLIES SHOWGIRL" pattern.

It's a digital e-pattern you can download in a PDF file.

She stands about 17 inches (22" with headdress), and dressed in a vintage style showgirl costume--- although, I think this would make a great "basic doll" pattern for anything you wanted to design for it.

The legs are cut "in one" with the body, while the head and arms are separate pieces. (I had to make 3 samples to get the pattern right!) There's a wire armature inside the body & legs to help her stand up, while glued to a wood base.

I've included instructions for both feathers and a non-feathers (ruffles) costume, as I thought it might be a problem for some people to get a hold of some feathers if they don't have a craft store in their city.

This pattern is listed both on my ETSY site (ArleyDollDesigns), and my WEB SITE (ArleyBerryhill).

Ooooh, I've been watching "Penny Dreadful" on Netflix, and I think I have an idea for my next pattern! (Victorian Gothic anyone???)
Have fun!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Hi All,
I've just finished converting another old pattern of mine, the ART DECO TASSEL doll, to a new digital pattern in PDF form. You can purchase this E-Pattern from my website or my Etsy site (Arley Doll Designs).

This is one of my older (and favorite) patterns. I made this pattern 14 years ago, back in 2004! I only had this pattern in printed form, as the computer copy of it was lost long ago.  (Now, I'm learning how to convert printed work to a word document -- which is pretty good for a 60 year old guy!)

Anyway, this is a wonderful pattern for anyone who enjoys EMBELLISHING! (And, who doesn't enjoy embellishing???) Especially if you like making beaded dangles & swags. Here's one I made in purple:

I designed this pattern after looking at some of ERTE's work (a designer who was very popular from the 1910's to 1930's) I saw a drawing of a handbag he designed in the shape of a little Turkish doll.

Here's my initial design of the doll before making it (You can see the influence):

I've always love the Art Deco & Art Nouveau periods. And, I especially love the Eastern and Turkish influence of that period (at the time, this style was called "Orientalism"). Here are some other examples of Erte's work in splendid Orientalism that inspired me:

Have fun!