Thursday, December 28, 2017


Hi All,
I hope everyone had a happy holiday!

I've posted another doll for sale on my ETSY SHOP (here). It's another doll from my "Elegant Creature" series. I call this one, "An Afternoon Stroll".

This has a cloth body and arms/hands with a sculpted head and neck of paper clay. It is a stump doll (no legs) and is glued to a wooden stand.

The head is modeled after a bird scull (but, with eyes). She wears a dress in the style from the 18th century made of mustard satin with black lace & sequin trim. The underskirt is made of a patterned sequin fabric laid over more mustard satin and trimmed in lace ruffles.

I got the idea for the colors of this dress from the movie "Dangerous Liaisons" starring Glenn Close and John Malkovich (a fav of mine-- love the costumes!). Glenn Close wore a yellow dress & black hat in the scene where she's getting out of a carriage and goes to visit Swoosie Kurtz & Uma Thurman. (Although my dress has more black in it than Glenn's')

The hat is fashioned from a felt & wire base, covered in satin & sequin fabric, trimmed with fabric flowers, feathers, and jewels.

 She wears fingerless gloves made of sequin net and holds an elegant walking stick made of wood.

She is $300, and took me about 3 weeks to make.

Also: I'm starting to add my PDF doll patterns to my ETSY shop as well. As of this writing, I only have one pattern up, but will be adding more every day. So, now you can buy my patterns from my website or my ETSY shop!

Have a happy new year!