Friday, February 10, 2017


Hi All,
Just a short post today. I wanted to show you 2 new Candlestick Diva Dolls I made a month ago, and were already sold!

For some reason, they both have horned headdresses -- not planned. (Could make a rude joke here, but will resist the urge.....)

When making these Candlestick dolls, I don't do a lot of planning. It just comes down to fabric & colors I like. It's truly spontaneous and improvised. About half way through, I jot down a little sketch, but mostly it's experimenting with the fabrics & trims.

Here's "Circus Diva" all in red.
(That's a plastic Christmas ornament in her hand.)

And, here's "Golden Idol Diva". I used Indian fabric & trim, and a lot of little metal filigree pieces I had left over from when I made jewelry for Broadway shows. (Doesn't she remind you of some character from "Star Wars"??)

That's all for now. I'm working on another 18th Century lady bust. Stayed tuned.

Have fun!