Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hi All,
Well, it's taken over a month, but I finally got my new website up! And---- I did it myself!! I am not a "computer" person, and was amazed I could even do this blog. But, these days, they make it so easy to do it yourself. They have templates that you just drop everything into. Although, I had to try out several templates before I found one that worked for what I wanted.

The first few days, I almost threw my computer through a wall.... But, I took a break, had some chocolate, thought about it, had more chocolate, started over again,..... more chocolate....And, after 3 false starts, everything fell into place.

Same web address: www.ArleyBerryhill.com (Yes, I had to transfer my domain name to the new site -- more problems and lots of phone calls, but finally got it to work.)

Anyway, take a look and tell me what you think. (Remember, I am NOT a computer person!)

Now that I have the new website, I can also announce MY LATEST PATTERN:

"SHE SANG, IT'S OVER" AN OPERA DOLL with an open mouth.

You can order it on my new website -- I am selling both the PDF download $10.00 - (same price anywhere in the world), or a mailed Paper Pattern $13.50 ($12.00 + $1.50 s&h) for US sales only.

Right now, I only have PayPal buttons attached to the site (once registered, you can use a credit card or a bank account), but not a Shopping Cart. So, if you want to buy more than one pattern, you  might have to order them separately. (I don't know how ordering will work when ordering more than one -- I promise, I still working on it!)

 Have fun!

Friday, January 1, 2016


Hi All,
I've got a new CANDLESTICK DIVA doll for the new year:

I made this doll for a class I'm teaching at the end of January. I'm going to Houston, TX to meet with the lovely ladies of the "Material Girls" doll club. And, this will be the class sample.

So, I hope they all do their homework:

They will have to supply their candlestick (wood or resin). And, they have to sew and stuff the torso, head, and arms; and sew the hands (I will show them how to do the armature and stuffing it in class.) Plus, they have to stitch the bodice and sleeves (optional).

This class will focus on mostly the face and hands, so we won't have time to do any sewing in class. The second day, we'll focus on some embellishing techniques for the costume.

In the next post, I hope to have photos of the dolls from the class!