Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Hi All,
Well, Halloween has come & gone.  Just took down all the yard decorations - I'm a little sad, here.

But, not before I snapped some shots. (Sorry, the night-time photos didn't turn out)

Here is the view of the front of my house. (I live in "desert county" - New Mexico)
 It rained for a few days, right before Halloween, so I had to put everything under my patio-overhang. I didn't do much to the front yard.

My big, new prop this year is the witch and her bubbling cauldron:
 The witch is store-bought, but I dressed her up a bit. She's made to just hang on the wall, but I made a "body" for her by putting a wire-frame tomato cage on top of a step-ladder. She's holding a staff I made from a cardboard tube that had fabric rolled on it. --Just added some paper-mache and paint. There's a raven sitting on top of the staff. Her eyes light up and she cackles.

The cauldron was made from a large plastic planter I got at the home improvement store (on sale for $14!). I put a false cardboard bottom about 5 inches down from the top (so I wouldn't have to fill the entire pot). The cauldron contents are made from expanding foam (from a spray can) painted neon green, with bits of bones and eyeballs I had lying around (doesn't everyone have spare body parts lying around???)

Here's my front door.

Those are "eyeball flowers" on my black feather wreath.
 Notice the stand I made for my diorama pumpkin? It's a plant stand I bought at a discount store, then wired & glued some bones and skulls around the bottom.

Here's my "pumpkin totem pole".

These guys were a last minute addition. A little pumpkin wearing a witch hat & wig (originally designed to be worn by a cat or dog- got it at Michael's at 50% off). And, my "Michael Jackson" pumpkin (the sequin hat has tiny LED lights around the hatband that light up!)

One little kid was too scared to come to the front door! (I had to walk to the sidewalk where he was standing behind his mother to give him some candy.)
Happy Halloween everyone! 

Now, it's time to start Christmas...............