Monday, July 7, 2014


Hi All,
Well, she's finished - the last Evil Queen for my "Candlestick Doll" class in October (here) in Chicago.

She's modeled after the Evil Queen in Snow White, (but, with a different crown, she very well could be the Evil Queen of Hearts as well).

As you can see, I spent a little more time embellishing her. I wanted to show the students how far you can go with this character. On this Queen, I glued on eyelashes and gave her a slightly open mouth -- a kinda "sneering" expression. (I referenced Gloria Swansons' character from "Sunset Boulevard" for the face and the fingers!)
Plus, really  went to town on the jewelry.

With this class, everyone starts off with the basic torso, arm, and hands. Then, you get lots of options for the costume. There are different headdresses and sleeves. Plus, you have the option of adding the corset, collar or cape. The focus in class will be on costume design, embellishment, needle-sculpting, and coloring the face.

I hope you enjoyed this series, and the step-by-steps photos of the other queen. I hope to see some of you in Chicago for the class!

Here are all three Evil characters with the different options. (Of course, you can mix and match to make your own Evil character). Enjoy!--