Thursday, August 15, 2013


Here's a photo of my WITCH PUPPETEER doll in progress. I've pinned her arms & head on, plus some extra trims:
The marionette characters are roughed out some more. Plus, I think she'll end up with tiny glasses. (The wood hand control & strings for the puppets will go on last.)
But, no time to finish her right now. I have to move on to my next project -- the "Treasures of the Gypsy" challenge. This year's theme is "Masquerade Ball". It's due at the end of Sept, (I think). Although I don't participate in the judged competition, I will send in a doll just for the exhibit at the Houston Quilt Festival.
Here's my idea: Goblin Masquerade. It's a take on that wonderful masquerade ball scene in "Labyrinth"-- where all the extravagantly elegant & decadent guests are wearing horrible goblin masks. Only, my idea is a horribly ugly Goblin wearing a elegant lady mask. (I love using the juxtaposition of beauty & ugly together in one piece.)
Here's a quick sketch of the basic concept:

This rough sketch tells me if my idea will work. Plus, I decide on the basic silhouette of the costume.

Then, I got my fabric from Gypsy Pamela. ---The challenge is to use fabric from the Treasures of the Gypsy to make a doll with.

I mixed her new fabric with the rest of my "Gypsy" stash of fabrics (I've collected fabrics & trims from the Treasures of the Gypsy for many years.)  Armed with my chosen fabrics, I am able to make a finished sketch, rendering the colors & fabrics:

The dress will be green silk, with an underskirt of deep orange dupioni silk layered with a pale green lace embroidered with sequins. The border will be a wide trim of heavy gold lace embroidered with orange sequin flowers. Lots & lots of trim piled on, as well.  The headdress will be based on the tiny peacock feather fan. (Besides fabric & trim, Treasures of the Gypsy also sells fabulous appliques, and wonderful miniature crowns, fans, and various tid-bits --all made in India by local craftsmen.)

After the dress colors are chosen, I could decide on the color of the Goblin lady's skin. I was thinking of an olive green skin, but changed it to a dirty beige/brown color, so it would stand out against the green dress.

Now, on to making the doll!

Friday, August 9, 2013


Thanks for all the nice comments! I appreciate hearing from all of you!

Here's another WIP photo, with the skirts & top on:

Friday, August 2, 2013


Hi All,
I've been wanting to do a new "puppeteer" character ever since I made this Day of the Dead puppeteer 2 years ago:

I want to make a Halloween puppet show character. So, here's a quick sketch of the basic idea:
It's the same idea as before, only the puppeteer is a Witch, and the puppet show will have a Halloween theme.
Here's the basic body, with the hand-painted background for the "theater/skirt":

I painted this background with acrylic paint on a white canvas fabric & stitched it to the bottom half of the her body -- which is a basic "stump" doll (solid body, no legs) patterned to look like a wide skirt.
Here's the beginning of the 2 Halloween puppet characters (just wire & cardboard hot-glued together). I will be adding Paper Clay to these armatures to fill out the bodies.


Hi All,
One of my students (and friends) Emma Gourly sent me photos of her dolls from both my Mermaid & Troll Queen class:
Isnt' this wonderful!? I love the textures & colors. Look at the tiny fish on her tail fin! And, the spray of coral for the collar! Emma is really growing in her skills as a doll maker.
Here are her TWO trolls -- she went home and made another one! The details in the costume is wonderful!

Thanks Emma for sending in the photos.