Thursday, October 18, 2012


I just finished these last 2 candlestick dolls to go to the Houston Quilt show.

Here is a "Glamour Witch" Diva. She is the first witch I've done with pale skin.-- Usually, I prefer green skin for my witches. (Does that sound racist??)

My other doll is something new for me: a male Day of the Dead figure.
Most male figures I've seen are either grooms or Mariachi musicians, neither of which are very colorful - they're both dressed in black. So, I came up with this costume to complement my other DOD Catrina I made:

Don't they make a cute couple? They look like they're ready for a Sunday promenade!

Monday, October 15, 2012


I just finished another "Candlestick Diva" doll. I call her "VAMP DIVA". She's based very much in the Art Deco period - very Erte, yes? (Erte was a popular illustrator in the teens, 20's & 30's -- do a search of his name.)

She has false eyelashes -- which I love to add to the eyes. I don't do the eyelashes too often, as they are fragile, and don't ship too well. I really have to glue them down with several coats.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Catrina

Finished a new "Catrina" candlestick doll:

She's very "girl-y" with her spring colors, no?
Okay, back to work. I have 2 more candlestick "Divas" in the works. These are all going to the Houston Quilt show at the end of the month.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Here's a new Candlestick doll, "DEFY GRAVITY". It's based on the Elphaba character from the show "Wicked". This is the powerful moment in the show where Elphaba makes the life-changing decision to "defy gravity", not wait for people to accept her & start living the life she has dreamed. She emotionally, and quite literally, FLIES!

I got the idea for this character when I was pulled out all my candlesticks that I've been collecting all year. This one was the tallest of the bunch, and very gothic looking. I've not used this candlestick before, because I thought it was too tall for one of my dolls. That's when I got the idea to use it for this character, as she is floating high above the stage when she is singing this number.
This doll was a challenge for me, as an open-mouth on a cloth face is very difficult. I was able to add a little dimension to it with some needle-sculpting and building up layers of paint.