Saturday, May 16, 2020


Hi All,
I hope you are all well and safe.

This is the ghost of Marie Antionette after she lost her head in the Revolution.
I call her simply, "Marie's Ghost".

This is a new Halloween doll for Roger's Garden for their Halloween show in Sept.

She's an all cloth doll, about 17 inches tall (she would be 22 inches if her head were on her shoulders!)

She is a candlestick doll (her torso is glued to a candlestick base).

Instead of painting blood dripping from her neck, I chose to add beaded dangles ending with a teardrop glass bead. (There's also a ring of red beads at the bottom of her head, but you don't really see that.)

The dress is made of silver & white brocade, trimmed in lace and pearls. The underskirt is gray satin under embroidered lace with pearls.

Have Fun, and wash your hands! -AB


Mark said...

Wow! Great idea Arley ... do you ever plan to offer any classes? Your blog descriptions are wonderful, but it would be really cool to see how you paint faces, pose, decide on attire, etc. Just curious. And thanks for the inspirational ideas!

Arley said...

Hey Mark - thanks for enjoying my art! Sadly, I retired from teaching a few years ago. But, I'm thinking of doing some on-line classes soon. Thanks for your support!

L said...

Was hoping to see Marie and the other dolls at Roger's Gardens Halloween event, but sadly only two were left by this past Thurs (9/10). Penny Dreadful and the Green Witch. Of course they are beautiful and I was delighted to see them. But would have loved to see the pirates, etc in person. I am glad that your pieces were well received and sold right away, such a nice thing for you.

Thanks for posting the photos and some of the techniques you use in making these beauties! They are really inspiring.

Arley said...

Hey, thanks Lynda! I'm glad you got to Rodger's Garden anyway -- some day I want to visit there as well!