Tuesday, February 18, 2020


Hi All,
I made an "Apothecary Witch" for the Halloween show at Roger's Garden this fall.

I found an unfinished wooden "boat shelf" at my craft store that was small enough to work with my design. The shelf unit is about 16 inches tall, which makes the doll about 28 inches to the top of her hat. The "boat" shape works well with this design because it tapers to a point at the top, making it perfect for the bottom half of a body.

Making the witch upper body was simple. The challenge for me was finding/making all the books, potion bottles, scrolls, and small props to fit into the shelves.

Because there was a large triangle of space at the top of the shelf, I hung a birdcage (with a small black bird) in the center to fill the empty space.

Here are some close-ups of the other shelves:

Enjoy! AB


Maria Roxborough said...

Love her Arley. I have a boat just like yours and hope to come up with a concept for a doll this year.

Arley said...

Yes, that's the trick, Maria -- to figure out what would be in the shelves. Then, you have your doll concept done!

Kathy said...

Just saw this creation! Wonderful! Love your dolls!

Arley said...

Thanks Kathy!