Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Hello All,
I've finished another witch for Halloween, but this time I made a "hag" witch. Most of my dolls tend to be glamorous or funny, (or characters that THINK they are glamorous). But, this witch has NO delusions about what she looks like.

She's about 17 inches tall, and is bent over with a hump on her back. (This pose proved tricky to photograph, as she is bent down, but looking up).

I've been experimenting with aging cloth faces. I've been trying to add wrinkles, bags, and sagging skin. Also, I've tried to add some texture to the cloth face. These things are easy to do with a sculpted clay face, but very hard to do in cloth.

I picture her living alone in the forest. I don't think she's necessarily EVIL, but she's no lollipop either.

I had fun adding all sorts of do-dads to her belt -- tools she needs to make potions and casts spells. She is magical, and to show that, I added a bit of sparkly black fabric under her cape (made of gray lace and black netting).

I also tried to do fingernails (which I've only ever done once before). I felt she needed thick, dirty fingernails to accent her bone-y hands. I made the fingernails from plastic drinking straws, cut to shape and pained with acrylic paint.

I think her name shall be "Agatha".

Okay, back to making more Halloween dolls for October.
Have fun!


jenclair said...

She is marvelous!

Cloth-A-Dollies said...

Wow Arley she is quite the character. The wrinkles and age spots work well.

Northbrook Designs said...

Fantastic Arley. She is pretty creepy which is perfect. You could find so many things to embellish her, but you have it just right. The wrinkles are perfect.

Arley said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies. I appreciate that you women support me so much!

claudia said...

She is wonderful! Is she available to buy?

Arley said...

I'm sorry Claudia, but this doll is sold. I sell my dolls on my Etsy site, and will post an announcement when I post a new doll.

Unknown said...

I discovered somewhere that for fingernails to use "Mod-Podge". I painted on one layer then let it dry. Two more coats. Drying in between. Then I used parchment paper (small squares) to use as a form at the end of the finger to build length. Go watch a Nail Tech. apply acrylic or gel nails in a salon to see how to use forms. I worked very well for me. I tried it on a male doll I was working on and was pleased with the results. I was able, with care, to file and sand to the final shape. Then polished. Or if you want to get carried away do Nail Art.
I hope this gives you a new technique to use.

Arley said...

Hey Alan,
Thanks for the suggestion. I have seen how nail people use a form to extend fingernails. I wonder if they are strong enough not to break off? My dolls get packed in boxes and shipped all over the country. I will try it out.