Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Hi All,
Yes, another witch doll. This time it's a "birdcage" witch doll.

I call her "Griselda".

She's a bit nasty. She is whipping up a new potion, using a little troll as it's main ingredient. The troll doesn't seem to mind -- he thinks he getting a bath.

Like most of my dolls, Griselda is an all cloth doll (well, "torso" doll). I found this Halloween birdcage at Michael's a few years ago, and it has been waiting for me to be inspired. The thing about doing a "birdcage doll", is you have to put something IN the birdcage to make it relevant.

The little troll dude is also cloth -- made of craft velour. I had fun needle-sculpting his face. (I stuck my hand in the photo so you get a sense of scale.)

Notice the little skull beads and hot glue "drips" I added to the plastic cauldron. After I glued all that on, I sprayed it all over with "texture spray", then painted the whole thing.

Here's where I started: A head & torso with arms and a birdcage.

I start to add clothing to the doll. Most of the fabric was dyed gray or purple (or both). I tried not to use much black in the costume (as black does not photograph well).

I added a short petticoat of netting to smooth out the drop from the doll's waist to the top of the cage. Over that, an underskirt of spider web netting.

More skirts are added. The arms & sleeves are almost done, but I won't attach them until they are finished.

I completed the arms & hand separate from the body, and add them after both are done.

Here, I add the wool vest to tie the whole look together. I wanted her to hold a wand, so I stuck a piece of dowel in her hand until I made the actual wand.

Next, the face.

Add hair and the beginning of the witch hat. Also, made a wand out of Apoxie Sculpt over a bent wire.

Okay, that's all for now.  Enjoy!


Northbrook Designs said...

She for sure has that nasty witchy expression....lol Trolls are so dumb, poor guy doesn't get what's happening, Always love your step x step pictures.

Arley said...

HA! Love it, Romona. Thanks!