Saturday, January 13, 2018


Hi All,
I just finished some dolls that will go to Ontario for the "Road to California" Quilt show that's happening next weekend.

This is one. I call her "The Lady in Black".

She's sort of a "Mad Woman of Chaillot" type character. She's an eccentric old woman who just lives beyond the edge of reality.

She was once a great beauty in her youth, but unfortunately, hasn't aged well. She wears too much make-up and her outfit is from a bygone era.

She is a stump doll, all cloth. Her magnificent hat is embellished with plenty of trim,  rooster feathers, and netting.

She is taking her evening stroll with her walking stick and old-fashioned cigarette holder. She wears a sequin frock and a cut-velvet shawl with beaded fringe around her shoulders. And, she wouldn't go out without all her jewels - rings, bracelets, brooches, and all her glorious beaded necklaces.

Maybe she not just a crazy old lady ---- Maybe she's a crazy old witch! --Like the two slightly dotty Aunties from the movie "Practical Magic" (played by Stockard Channing & Dianne Weist). Love them!

I had a lot of fun doing her face. I haven't done a lot of older characters in cloth, as it's tricky to make wrinkles (on purpose). I found that drawing wrinkles on the face -- (like theatrical old-age make up), works for me.

More to come........


Northbrook Designs said...

Thumbs up, she's fab.... ;o))

Cloth-A-Dollies said...

Love her Arley

Unknown said...

She is beautiful, it reminds me of Bette Davis in some of her movies.

Arley said...

Thanks Ladies!