Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Hi All,
Well, it's almost October, which means two things for me -- Halloween (of course) and the International Quilt Convention in Houston, TX.

My buddy Pamela Armas (Treasures of the Gypsy) sells my dolls in her booth at Houston and some of her customers collect my dolls from her. So, I try to make as many dolls as I can to go to Houston at the end of October.

Here are the first finished: I call them "Tribal Divas"

I was inspired by some photos I saw on Pinterest of costumes worn by Live Action Role-Players (LARP). There seems to be a Tribal/Savage-theme game and a post-Apocalyptic game that people dress up for. It really inspired me.

My Trible Divas wear leather, suede, wood & metal beads, chains, bones, skulls, and lots of feathers.

This one has a fruit bat skull on her head, large ram horns (made of brown cotton knit) and squirrel fur on her shoulders:

This one has a tiny bird skull on her head, antlers (made of tan knit fabric) and two muskrat skulls on her shoulder. Both have chicken bones worked into the fringe at the bottom:

Okay, it's back to work for me! Got lots of dolls to finish. Stayed tuned for more at the end of the month!

Have fun!


Mary Ann Tate said...

Beautiful. I love the way you've painted the faces.

Arley said...

Thanks Mary Ann!

Northbrook Designs said...

Amazing.........you embellish to perfection, and those faces....!!!

Arley said...

Thanks Romona.

Cloth-A-Dollies said...

Oh Arley, these are my favourite candlestick dolls to date! I love your details and face painting.