Friday, March 24, 2017


Hi All,
Well, it's taken me a very long time, but I finally got my "La Femme" pattern converted to a digital download E-Pattern!

I've been (slowly) converting all my patterns to PDF so I could sell them as e-patterns. All of my new patterns I'm designing are now in PDF form. Converting the latest patterns were pretty easy, but about 4 or 5 of my old ones were lost on my computer, and all I have are the original paper copies.

You see, about 10 years ago, my computer crashed. This was the first time that had ever happened to me. I didn't understand the warning signs. Back then, I wasn't very computer-literate. I wasn't the computer-savvy-techno-geek I am today! (No, not really)

I remember taking my computer in to Best Buys and asking the kid behind the counter to please "fix it". I was informed that, not only couldn't it be fixed, but everything on my computer was gone.

--- Gone?? I stood in a daze, staring into space, trying to think of all the files I had on my computer. The patterns, the photos, the notes -- all gone. (This was before I had even heard of "back up"). Boy, did I learn an expensive lesson.

Anyway, at least I had all my original patterns on paper. (I was mailing patterns in paper form, so this wasn't a problem.) But, to convert them into a PDF meant I had to completely re-type the entire pattern, download all the original illustrations, and put it all back together again. (It really only took me about two solid weeks of typing, scanning, copy & pasting.)

But  the task just seemed so daunting, the idea of all that work stopped me from even starting.

Well, nothing motivates me like money (or lack of). I've been out of work for the past few months, expecting to return to my summer job in Santa Fe. But, that fell through, so I needed to get busy doing something!

Re-doing the pattern gave me the chance to fix a few minor corrections, and do a couple of things differently -- after all, I've learned a lot of doll making techniques since I originally wrote that back in 2004 (OMG! that was 13 years ago!!)

Plus, I finally got to change the title to "La Femme" (instead of the original "Le Femme"--it means "The Woman" in French)

As many, many people have told me over the past 13 years, in the French language, "Le" is masculine, and "La" is feminine. (I swear I typed it into a translator program, and it read "Le Femme"!) And, I couldn't just change the title, as the name was written in the instructions about 30 times, and it was on ever pattern piece.)

"La Femme" was my first doll pattern I designed. (The "Gypsy Wagon" was my first pattern, ever.) I created her out of simple frustration -- I couldn't find a basic female doll pattern that had the head, body, feet, and breasts that I was looking for. I wanted something a bit more sophisticated than what I was able to find at the time. So, that's how "La Femme" was born.

So, along with converting my old patterns, I'm still creating new patterns (again, very slowly). And, making more and more dolls!

If you are looking for a new female body pattern, and you have intermediate-to-advance doll making skills (she not for beginners), please check out the pattern on  my website here. I've also created three costume patterns that fit her. (Sorry, the costume patterns are still in paper form, --but I promise I will convert them next!!)

Have fun!


Maria Roxborough said...

Sorry to here you are out of work but I am eagerly waiting for new patterns. I love your work Arley. All the best, hugs, Maria

Arley said...

Thank you Maria, I appreciate that.

mistiteres said...

Wooow would have waited a while and you would have sent me the pattern via email, but hey I already have the booklet and I'm fascinated

Stephanie said...

La Femme is the best torso pattern I have ever done. She is indeed not a beginner pattern but don't let that detour you. If you have made a few dolls you will be able to follow Arley's directions. Arley's hands are also the best I've found. Don't pass this pattern up!

Arley said...

Thanks Stephanie! Wow, what an endorsement! You are so kind.