Sunday, March 19, 2017


Hi All,
I made a new Day of the Dead bust (never too early to start the season!) I'm really enjoying doing these bust dolls. And, my customers like them. I think that's because they are small (only 6" tall), and doll collectors are always telling me they have no room for large dolls. (She'd be shorter if I used a smaller candlestick.)

I don't have a name for her. I titled her "Day of the Dead" -- (I know, not very original). She's on her way to Denver now, at the Rocky Mountain Sew expo.

This is the first "Day of the Dead/Catrina" doll I've done where I did a painted a "sugar skull" design over a human face, --instead of a skeleton head. I think this face has a lot more character than a basic skull.

I was really inspired by the "Marie" bust class I took with Sharon Mitchell. Since then, I've made my own bust pattern, by modifying my basic candlestick pattern. I've been tinkering with it, and I think it's about done.

All the face coloring is done with gel pens and "Tombow" brush-tipped markers. Because I use deer suede fabric for my faces, most markers bleed on the knit fabric. Tombow markers are fabric pens, and they don't bleed (much).

I've been experimenting with "straight wool" for hair. I don't make wigs that often, but when I do, I  use mohair. But, mohair is getting harder and harder to find. So, I thought I'd better branch out to see what else there is. I like how easy it is to needle felt it into the head. And, you don't have to sew it into a "weft" first. (You can, if you want.) It comes in one long piece (about 3" to 6" wide, depending on how thin you want). I sort-of wrap and sculpt it over the head, (like a turban) and glue/needle felt it down. --But, it is straight, so no hair designs with curly locks (like mohair). I'm finding it in mostly pastel colors, but I'm looking for some brighter/stronger colors.

Have fun!

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