Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Hi All,
I'm teaching a new craft class called "Altered Bottles" at a new art space here in Albuquerque.

In the class, we take bottles (clear or colored) and make them into works of art, worthy of displaying in any room in your home. They can go in your bedroom, bathroom, on your mantel or coffee table, or be a wonderful addition to your holiday display.

Here are some elegant "Goth" or Apothecary bottles:

 Both are sprayed with Mirror spray & vinegar for a "mercury glass" look.
For the little one, I used a plastic Xmas ornament for a stopper from Hobby Lobby (I added the eyeball). I also sprayed it with some black "Webbing", and glued wooden beads on the bottom for feet. The tall one was a liquor bottle.

Or, how about some Shabby Chic bottles?


The tall bottle came from the dollar store. I put iridescent confetti in the second bottle. And, the little bottle is a salt shaker (from the dollar store).

You choose the bottle and the theme you want to create. These are my "Mermaid" bottles.
I downloaded mermaid images, and decoupaged it on with Mod Podge. The tall bottle is a green champagne bottle, and the little bottle is from the dollar store. I frosted it with a Sea Glass spray.

And, here are some Golden bottles:
The little one has a Xmas ornament glued to the bottle, and a gold paper doily at the base. The larger one has another Xmas ornament as the stopper (Hobby Lobby), and some gold Webbing sprayed on the bottle. I hung an earring and some charms around the neck of the bottle. (Those are orange glitter balls inside).

All of the glass stoppers are drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby (about $5, before your 40% discount).

You bring a bottle (or two), and something for a stopper (drawer knob or Xmas ornament), and any trims, trinkets, lace, flowers, jewelry, charms that you want. I will have plenty of stuff to share, and have extra bottles and stoppers for you to use. You'll probably have time to make two bottles.

Sunday, Nov. 20
   10-4pm (one hour lunch)

New Tricks Art Workshop & Gallery
1751 Bellamah NW, suite 2101
Albuquerque, NM

Cost- $50
Contact me to register and a supply list: arleyberryhill@hotmail.com


Cloth-A-Dollies said...

Love the mixed media bottles Arley, especially the mermaid bottles! Wish I lived nearby to take more of your classes. You rock!

Arley said...

Thanks so much, Maria!

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