Monday, October 3, 2016


Hi All,
I've got a new pattern for you. I call it the "Bird of Paradise". It's part cloth doll, and part quilt.

As I posted before, it started as a doll for the Treasures of the Gypsy challenge happening this month. The theme is "Once Upon a Time, past present, & future". I used Pamela's fabrics, appliques, ribbons, and motifs to make it.

So, I made a Firebird, from an old Russian folk tale. After that, I used the same pattern and made a Peacock bird.

And, now it's a pattern!

You can make a Phoenix/Firebird, or a Peacock. Or, make your own fantasy bird! There is a choice of 2 different wings (one "flying" and one folded). The head is separate, so you can pose it any way you like. You can make as many tail feathers as you like, in any color scheme. You can use glitzy fabric, or colorful cotton. It can perch on a tall candlestick, or it can "fly" by hanging it from a couple of strong threads. The bird measures 12 inches from beak to tail, with an additional 18 inches of tail feathers.

And, of course, there's so much opportunity for embellishments! You can add beads, ribbon, jewels, sequins - you name it.

I used FUSIBLE QUILT BATTING for the wings and tail feathers. (You could use regular non-fusible batting, or felt. But I found using a fusible batting so much easier!) Since I used loosely woven satin & metallic fabrics (not good for stuffing or quilting!) I used a fusible interfacing on each fabric piece before stitching. And, the fusible batting took care of the quilted pieces, saving time and money. (On the Peacock, I used satin fabric for the body & wings, and green cotton for the feathers.)

You will need some knowledge of doll making, plus a little skill in appliques and quilting.

The pattern cost $10, and it's an E-PATTERN (a digital download that is emailed to you. You print it out on your printer.)There's no shipping fees!

Go to my website (http://www.arleyberryhill.com/patterns-for-sale-pg1) for more information.

Have fun!

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