Thursday, May 21, 2015


Hi All,
I'm working on a new pattern, and have body parts everywhere! I'm working on a new "opera singer" pattern for a class I'm giving in England at the end of the year. It will be based on my "She Sang, It's Over" opera doll I did for the Hoffman Challenge 2 years ago.

But, this time I want to add legs to her, (the original was a stump doll), and make her breasts larger (I was never happy with the size of the bosom on the original)

Here are some of the body prototypes:
Trying to get the proportions right. And, deciding if to make the legs separate, or "all-in-one" with the torso.
After making several bodies, I've decided to go with the "all-in-one" version. -Yes, the feet are "turned out" like a ballet dancer, but it's much easier to sew, stuff, and put armature wire in. (Besides, you won't see the feet after the skirt is on.)

I have decided if I want bigger boobs, they would have to be made separate, and sewn on by hand. (They're too large to pattern into the body.)

I picked the prototype on the far left.

Then, I had to pattern the arms and head to fit the body proportions.
So, this is what I have so far: (I want to make her a little taller, not quite so "squat" looking)

This time, I'm re-designing the costume as well. I'm going for a more traditional, classic opera costume:

This is the opera costume that everyone thinks of when you say "fat opera singer". (This character is "Brunhilde" from the opera "The Valkerie" (Die Walkure) from the 4-part "Der Ring des Nebelungen" by Richard Wagner.)

More to come.....


Romona said...

Wonderful Arley.... She will get a standing ovation when she is finished... lol... Will be watching to see what comes next... ;o)

Mary Ann said...

I think the all in one body would be better anyway for a class environment. It's a bit easier to make:)

TeeCee said...

I can't wait to c her finished.. Everything you do is sooo beautifully exciting.. I hope the pattern will not only be for the class.. Will it b on sale on your site?

Arley said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. I'm glad you like it.
TeeCee - yes, it will be a pattern for sale, but not until after I do the class. It will be on my site by the end of the year.