Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Hi All,
 I've started on a new WITCH doll for Halloween. I wanted to do something "grand" -- not a bunch of assembly-line dolls like all the Ghost dolls I just finished.

So, I've decided on an elegant 18th cent. Witch doll. I'm going to send it to Houston for the big Quilt show at the end of Oct. for Pamela's "Treasures of the Gypsy" challenge.

(To find out more about the "Treasures of the Gypsy" challenge, go here.)

She's going to be about 25 inches tall, after I get her hair done.

Here are some work-in-progress photos:
Here's the basic body (made of doe-suede, of course), with the stockings, shoes, and pantaloons. Those two funny "saddle bags" on her hips are her hip pads to help hold her skirt up on the sides. Women in the 18th century would wear hip pads, or a hoop skirt called "panniers" (which is a French word literately meaning "buckets", because it was shaped like two buckets on the hips).

Now, I've got her petticoat on. I've pinned on her arms and head to get an idea of the pose. I made a quick paper fan for her hand, as I want her to hold something. --Either that, or she'll hold a mask on a stick. (Haven't decided......)

Okay, here I'm working on her underskirt -- only the front triangle will show. I'm using Treasures of the Gypsy fabric and beaded trim -- that's an orange taffeta fabric with an overlay of a sheer orange/red stripe fabric. I've added black lace to the bottom with some orange/gold trim. In the center is a design made with orange beaded trim surrounded by black trim and lace. -- As you see, I use a lot of fabric & trim, even for a doll!

Now the underskirt is gathered and sewn to the waist. You can see how the hip pads help with the period silhouette. Since this is a WITCH doll, and not just an 18th century dress, I decided she needs to have some "witch-y" trim added. So, I've added some brass charms in the shape of jack-o-lanterns, some orange skulls, a black felt bat, and some tiny spiders in trim on the bottom.

Here's her over-skirt, which is open in the front (to reveal the underskirt). The over-skirt is made of orange satin brocade covered with a fun spider-web netting. Again, using lots of trim down the front, including some bat-shaped sequins with even tinier orange skulls on them.

This is a close-up of the trims I used. As  you see, I've layered several trims together. There's a black velvet trim with sheer gathers on the edge. Next to that is an elaborate embroidered gold and orange trim, which I've layered pieces of another embroidered orange/bronze sequin trim on top, along with more sequins & lace. (I dyed those little white skull beads using orange alcohol ink.) You can barely see the little red/orange star motifs peeking out behind the lace, sewn down with black sequins.

Okay, time to put on the over-skirt! Stay tuned for more photos!


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es realmente hermosa y cuanto detalle me encanta