Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hi All,
Okay, here she is, all done. She's  a 22 inch, all cloth doll. Her name is "Lady Esmeralda, the Royal Court Sorceress".

Her hair is decorated with feathers, flowers, beads, a skull, and a bat!

 I made her mask in the shape of a bat. I decorated it with tiny pieces of lace, and painted it all black.

 Here's a shot of her poison ring, and skull decor on her sleeve.

Have fun!


Northbrook Designs said...

Amazing Arley. The face on this doll is superb. Wow...Pattern maybe???

Mary Ann Tate said...

She is amazing....wow! I love all the small details and I really love the fabrics you have used :)

Jewelsg said...

Arley !
She is wonderful ! I can only hope my demon doll turns out half that good !

JoAnn said...

Love your doll. The colors are great and a great face.

Arley said...

Hey everyone - thanks so much for you comments! I'm so glad you like the doll. It took nearly 2 months to make her, so I appreciate it! Thanks for following my blog.

Stella's Vintage Gifts said...

She is totally magnificent, Arley.
Can I ask how you would attach the arms if you 'dress them up' first?

Arley said...

Hey Stella -- good question! I have to be carefull when I sew the "dressed" arm to the torso, so I make sure I take deep stitches to catch the arm and torso fabric (not just stitching the costume fabrics together). I usually stitch around the arm 3 times to make sure it stays secure.

shikira clare said...

You are a phenomenally brilliant artist and your creations are awesome!.

I should call you Stella Spell-tastic as you have blown me away with your artistry. I am kind of an amateur doll maker but trying to develop my stuff all the time - especially how to master the art of advanced cloth manipulation to create very intricate features. I will create a Pintrest page of my own work for you to check out what I do, but my dolls are nowhere near as gorgeous and sophisticated as yours I may add.

Kira x