Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Hi All,
Okay, after lots of trial and error, I was able to make corrections to my blogger account, so I can now download photos. Many thanks to Romona for all her help. Romona is much more "computer-literate" than I, and was kind enough to write to me and tell me what to do.

I finished my "Dearly Departed" ghost dolls. They are about 19 inches tall. The bodies are made of white doe-suede fabric, while most of the costumes are made of gauze. I made them for a Halloween show I'm getting ready for in Sept.

I've tried to add little accents of sequins and trim to each one.

Each of the dolls has a wooden candlestick as a base.

Most "ghost" dolls I've seen all tend to have long white hair, but I wanted to do something different, so I gave each one a different style turban.

These lost souls wader around earth, looking for someone to guide them to their afterlife.


Romona said...

Arley, they are magnificent. I always look forward to see the faces you create, never mind the amazing costuming you do. You were born to be doing this, it comes to you so easily. Glad the problems are resolved now with blogger. It can be hair ripping for sure...lol

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love each and every one of this gaggle. They are all superb.

Sharon Mitchell said...

Arley, I love these white faced dolls you do! It's on my list to try them soon! They are fantasstic, as are all your work! So inspiring! Thank you!

Txatxa Txa said...

son preciosas con estilo propio