Monday, September 2, 2013


Or, would that be "SteamPumpk-In"?? Anyway, I made 2 little steampunk/robot guys this week. I bought those little plastic candy cups that look like Jack-o-Lanterns (6 to a bag at Michael's). I added some wooden arms & legs (shaker pegs & spools - also from Michael's), and lots of steam punk gears & stuff (mostly Tim Holtz products).

After doing both, I decided I like the one with the shorter arms better. Since the little nut-cup didn't have a top to it, I improvised and used the top of a water bottle to finish his head.
I will be teaching how to make this guy at the "China Phoenix 2" stamp store in Albuquerque next month. (More info later when their site is updated).

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Hobbyaholic (April) said...

Really cool. I would never guess this is from a treat bucket.