Friday, August 2, 2013


Hi All,
I've been wanting to do a new "puppeteer" character ever since I made this Day of the Dead puppeteer 2 years ago:

I want to make a Halloween puppet show character. So, here's a quick sketch of the basic idea:
It's the same idea as before, only the puppeteer is a Witch, and the puppet show will have a Halloween theme.
Here's the basic body, with the hand-painted background for the "theater/skirt":

I painted this background with acrylic paint on a white canvas fabric & stitched it to the bottom half of the her body -- which is a basic "stump" doll (solid body, no legs) patterned to look like a wide skirt.
Here's the beginning of the 2 Halloween puppet characters (just wire & cardboard hot-glued together). I will be adding Paper Clay to these armatures to fill out the bodies.


The Stitch Fiddler Bethann Scott said...

Nice work on the painted background. Love the haunted house scene and the orange sky. I've never made a puppeteer doll before. Can't wait to see the little puppets come to life.

Bonnie Lee Fontaine said...

Oh, Arley, this is going to be awesome! Love the spooky scene! I love these Day of the Dead dolls. They are so powerful, eerie, and beautiful. In your amazing hands they are made even more special. I'm not gushing too much, am I? ;)

Unknown said...

Hello.. Do you still have this day of the dead puppeteer doll and is it for sale? I want it!