Thursday, August 15, 2013


Here's a photo of my WITCH PUPPETEER doll in progress. I've pinned her arms & head on, plus some extra trims:
The marionette characters are roughed out some more. Plus, I think she'll end up with tiny glasses. (The wood hand control & strings for the puppets will go on last.)
But, no time to finish her right now. I have to move on to my next project -- the "Treasures of the Gypsy" challenge. This year's theme is "Masquerade Ball". It's due at the end of Sept, (I think). Although I don't participate in the judged competition, I will send in a doll just for the exhibit at the Houston Quilt Festival.
Here's my idea: Goblin Masquerade. It's a take on that wonderful masquerade ball scene in "Labyrinth"-- where all the extravagantly elegant & decadent guests are wearing horrible goblin masks. Only, my idea is a horribly ugly Goblin wearing a elegant lady mask. (I love using the juxtaposition of beauty & ugly together in one piece.)
Here's a quick sketch of the basic concept:

This rough sketch tells me if my idea will work. Plus, I decide on the basic silhouette of the costume.

Then, I got my fabric from Gypsy Pamela. ---The challenge is to use fabric from the Treasures of the Gypsy to make a doll with.

I mixed her new fabric with the rest of my "Gypsy" stash of fabrics (I've collected fabrics & trims from the Treasures of the Gypsy for many years.)  Armed with my chosen fabrics, I am able to make a finished sketch, rendering the colors & fabrics:

The dress will be green silk, with an underskirt of deep orange dupioni silk layered with a pale green lace embroidered with sequins. The border will be a wide trim of heavy gold lace embroidered with orange sequin flowers. Lots & lots of trim piled on, as well.  The headdress will be based on the tiny peacock feather fan. (Besides fabric & trim, Treasures of the Gypsy also sells fabulous appliques, and wonderful miniature crowns, fans, and various tid-bits --all made in India by local craftsmen.)

After the dress colors are chosen, I could decide on the color of the Goblin lady's skin. I was thinking of an olive green skin, but changed it to a dirty beige/brown color, so it would stand out against the green dress.

Now, on to making the doll!

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The Stitch Fiddler said...

You're Witch Puppeteer is looking good. The glasses will be perfect for her.

You do a good job with your sketches. I love the colors and the fabrics you've chosen for the Goblin/Gypsy Masquerade. Cant' wait to see how you come along with the new project.