Saturday, July 6, 2013


I just got the wig in the mail. I bought a mohair doll wig designed for porcelin dolls. Here, I'm restyling it & spraying many coats of hairspray. (If this doll is chosen to travel with the Hoffman exhibit, and I didn't spray the wig, it would be a rat's nest in a few months.)
I'm styling the wig on a styrofoam ball and not her head because I had a really nasty accident a few years ago while spraying a doll's wig (while on the doll's head) and got the wig too wet with hairspray. The dye from the mohair bled into the cloth head & RAN DOWN HER FACE! Horrible looking! Streaks of orange all over her forehead!
Here's a shot of the face after LOTS of needle-sculpting and starting to color & shade the face:
Not all the details are there yet.
Notice the beaded necklace I made? It's pinned down because I will go back and stitch it to her chest. (Again - for a traveling doll in an exhibit, I've learned anything loose & hanging will get twisted up or broken off. You've got to nail everything down so it will look & hang the same after mulitple packing & unpacking.)
I'll be posting the finished doll in a few days. Shipping day (Monday) is almost here!



The Stitch Fiddler said...

Looking good, I would love to learn your tricks of the trade with online classes.

Maria Roxborough said...

She turned out great Arley. I love how you did the face in cloth with just needle sculpting and shading.