Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'm madly trying to finish my Hoffman Challenge doll. I need to ship it in a week!

For anyone not familiar with the Hoffman Challenge, let me explain: Hoffman makes wonderful quilting fabrics - they are known for their very colorful & detail prints, (many with metallic in it). They host a challenge each year for quilters, doll makers, and wearable art designers. Hoffman chooses a fabric each year (with several co-ordinating fabrics as well). If you want to enter, you need to buy the fabrics and create your art. (More about their challenge HERE)

This is the fabric they choose this year. (I've put a piece of metallic green netting over part of it -- that's how I used it on my doll).
 That large leaf with the 3 flowers on it is 4 inches long! The print is very large on this fabric -- not great for making doll costumes with! (Remember, they make quilt fabrics -- for QUILTS - not dolls). So, it really is a challenge to come up with a doll design using their quilt fabric.

Here's some more WIP's photos:
Instead of a cape, I decided to go with a train instead (can use more of the challenge fabric with the train). I added the arms & sleeves. I made opera gloves out of Lycra, and got some of the trimming started.

 Here's a close up of the train from the back. I layered the sheer metallic netting over the top of the fabric, then did some free-motion embroidery (with Sulky rayon thread) over the top of that, and added some beading to the end. (Sorry, the beading really doesn't show well in the photo.)
Now, time to tackle the face & hair!

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