Monday, May 27, 2013

Creations in Fiber Conference in Albuquerque

Hi All,
Very busy getting ready for the CIFI doll conference here in Albuquerque! Here are some photos of the TROLL QUEEN doll we will be making:

Here are some detail shots:

And, some face shots:

Here's the basic body (without the arms):
Here's the ORIGINAL Troll Queen doll I made 3-4 years ago for the Hoffman challenge. This is the doll our class doll is based on:

She's a bit more complicated than our class doll --- it took me several months to make this doll. Also, the face on this doll is sculpted out of paper clay, then covered with fabric. For the class doll, we are making the face out of fabric and needle-sculpting it. (BTW - the pattern fabric on the bodice was the Hoffman challenge fabric -- I completely beaded it, but left the colors & pattern in tack).

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