Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hi All,
Here are some shots of the face in progress. After needle-sculpting the features into the fabric head, I use acrylic paint for the eyes & lips. All the shading with colored pencils (Berol Prismacolor brand), and the detail lines are done with gel pens (Gelly Roll brand). I added a glitter "bendi" between the eyes (the Indian word for their "third eye").

The headdress was done in the style of a "Tribal Fusion" -type dancer. This is the more popular look for most belly dancers right now. I love the real "ethnic" look it has. I braided lots of yarns & metallic threads for the hair extensions they like to wear.

You can't see it in the final photo, but there is a center-front seam running down the middle of her face. (I LOVE that it doesn't show in the photo-- but, I'm writing about it since I get emails on how I make a face without a seam in it!)

And, here she is, finished:

Now, I have to get started on the pattern. This includes writing all the instructions, drawing the diagrams, and drawing out the patterns. This process usually takes me a few weeks, so hopefully, the new pattern will be ready mid-March.

Have fun!


The Stitch Fiddler said...

Fantastic! Your sculpting, painting and costuming are perfect.

Maria Roxborough said...

She looks beautiful, so exotic. I will definitely buy the pattern when it becomes available.

Arley said...

Thanks Maria. I'll keep you updated when the pattern is finished.

mycolleen40 said...

I cannot wait just in time for my birthday!