Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hi All,
Been busy working on my new Belly Dancer costume pattern. I tried to get some WIP photos of the stages (when I remembered to stop and take a photo!)

Here are the slippers and sheer harem pants the dancer wears under her skirt (I had to lift up the skirt to get this shot, as I forgot to photograph the shoes & pants after I put them on the doll):

Here's the skirt. I love this fabric -- got it at JoAnn's a year ago. It's part of their "India" line they had years ago. It's colored from red/brown in the center to dark brown on both edges. The gold printed boarder is part of the fabric.
I also added a fringed hip shawl (not really visible in this photo), and a beaded & tasseled hip belt to the top of the skirt.
I also started on the top, made of olive stretch velour & trimmed with gold braids. (I don't stitch the arms on until the top and arms are completely finished.):
More trimmings added to the top, some necklaces added, plus the head is attached, and the head wrap is started.
You can barely see I started blocking out the face lightly with pencil:

The arms are finished -- complete with sleeves, multiple beaded bracelets, & painted fingernails.
I make the bracelets by first wrapping the arms with metallic brocade ribbons & braided trims. Then, I embellish the ribbons & braid by sewing on lots of beads:
More to come!

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Edwina Sutherland said...

I can't wait to see the finished doll!