Thursday, January 31, 2013

Works in Progress

Hi All,
Well, after a few months of not doing much, I've suddenly found myself in the middle of 3 different projects. Here are some WIP's:

A new watercolor Mermaid sample for a class I'm teaching in Oklahoma in April:

Next, here's a photo of a new pattern I'm starting. It's going to be a new costume pattern for my basic "LeFemme" doll. This is just the body pattern. I'm trying to get it in the correct pose. (The pattern is going to be a belly dancer costume.)
And, lastly, I've started a new Day of the Dead shrine. (I made one of these last year, but this one is twice as big! It's nearly 5 feet tall.)
So, check in later and I will report the progress of these projects!


Cloth-A-Dollies said...

Hi Arley. I love your dolls and especially your Ice Queen Candlestick Diva. You taught the Cloth-a-Dollics a few years ago and I have made my very own Ice Queen although she is called "Ice Maiden" by her request. You can see her at ziajoeysartdolls.blogspot.ca.

Arley said...

Hi Maria,
Great job on your Ice Maiden! Thanks for sending me the info - love to look at student's work! Keep going. Arley