Monday, December 31, 2012

Day of the Dead Mermaid

I just finished my "DOD" Mermaid:
She was a lot of fun to make, and a challenge. I've never soft-sculpted a rib cage before.


Ida Eriksen said...

Happy new yer to you!
ohh she is funny,wath kinde of fabriks have you chosend for the tale?

Arley said...

Thanks Ida, I'm glad you like her. The body/tail is made of green printed cotton. The head, chest, & arms are made of white craft velour (using the "wrong" side of the fabric).

Catherine said...

Beautifully done! Will you be making a pattern for this doll?

Arley said...

Thanks Catherine. I never thought of making her a pattern. I don't know how popular "Day of the Dead" dolls are. But, now you've got me thinking!!