Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catrina Day of the Dead Candlestick

I've been making these Catrina Candlestick dolls for a year. Gypsy Pamela sells them for me at fabric & doll conventions. They're made of fabric (not sculpted of clay).

I start by making the torso, head, & arms. The torso is glued to the top of a candlestick. 

I finish the head & hands before I assemble the body.

The torso gets dressed, and the arms get sleeves. Then, the arms are stitched to the torso.

The head is attached last.

My favorite part is making Catrina's hat.

A fringe skirt is added, with some beaded skull dangles.

One more accessory, and Catrina is done. --What can I say? I love feather boas!